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Thank you for visiting FiremenBooks.com.
We are now offering the first book of a series,
Oh! So You’re
 a Fireman!
and Miami Firefighter T-Shirts.

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Oh! So You’re a Fireman! is an intimate glimpse into the lives of both firemen and paramedics in Miami, Florida, and the phenomenon that is the fire department. It’s written by an outspoken, retired Miami-Dade County fireman/paramedic who has a unique and qualified perspective.

     With a truthful and often humorous style,
Oh! So You’re a Fireman! reveals everything you wanted to know about firemen and paramedics, and more. A serious and graphic subject has been dealt with in a lighthearted manner. This book is filled with colorful and entertaining stories, revealing insights, typical days, interesting calls, memorable photographs, and typical firemen comments. You’ll appreciate how firemen have been humanized. You will come away with a new perspective about the men and women who ride on big, shiny firetrucks and risk their lives for virtual strangers.



The book is over 300 pages and includes chapters on:

Stories about the hiring process of the fire department

The written and physical entrance tests

Fire College

What it’s really like being a paramedic in Miami

Station life

Cooking at the fire station

Frequently asked questions

A riveting story of fighting a high rise fire

The stress of being a paramedic

Delivering babies

Repeat customers

Auto accidents

The reality of fighting fires

Miscellaneous medical stories and events

Interesting calls


There are also twelve pages of color photographs and eight Typical Day Chapters describing occurrences and events that firemen deal with both on calls and in the station on a daily basis.

This book is an entertaining read for everyone who knows a fireman – or anyone who would like to know one or become one. It's especially enjoyable for firemen and their families.        

       Please look around the website. There is a lot to see and enjoy. You can get a good idea about the book. You can read the book’s introduction, look at the table of contents, enjoy photographs in the picture gallery, learn firemen terminology, read excerpts from the book, and see enlargements of the front and back-covers of the book. Of course, you can also order books and T-Shirts here on the site.


Here are a few comments that I’ve already received about the book:


Congratulations on a rare accomplishment. The stories are intriguing and the book is very well written.

Milton M.


Fire departments should throw away the Red Books and just give each recruit one of your books.

Retired Fire Lieutenant Bobby S.


I pick the book up before I go to bed thinking that I'm only going to read a few pages and then I read fifty pages and stay up way too late! It is really interesting and easy reading. It's almost as if you are just telling the stories in person--the style is so relaxed. You are so lucky to have had such a great profession and we are lucky that you had the foresight to write it all down. I drove past a fire station yesterday and slowed down to look inside to see what the guys were up to. I've had such an intimate glimpse into a fireman's life that I feel like I know them. I also noticed a ton of fire hydrants on the way home. I'm sure the book will be a success. I look forward to reading the next one! 

Fran R.


I read the whole book in a couple of days. I loved it, absolutely loved it. The way you put it together was excellent. I had a lot of flashbacks while reading it. I found it quite enjoyable and informative. This book is the closest someone is going to get to knowing what it's like to be a firefighter and a paramedic. For people who don’t know about the job, you made it perfectly. Congratulations.

Retired Fire Captain Brian J.


The book was very revealing. It definitely explains what it is like working for the fire department. I was pleasantly surprised at how funny your outlook, comments, and writing style are. The book was very entertaining. I couldn’t put it down.

Michael H.


Saul, I had no idea you were such an accomplished author.

Doug H.


A definite must read for anyone considering a career in the fire service. Saul accurately portrays the blessings and curses of the 24 hour shift.

Like a time machine, I was transported back to a shift that had long since faded from my memory banks. Funny how it now seems like only yesterday.

I eagerly await Saul's next book and another trip back in time.

Good luck my friend!

Fire Captain Richie R.



Thank you,

Saul Wiezenthal